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Kickstarter update

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Many, many many many thanks to everyone who pre-ordered our album via the Kickstarter campaign. We're delighted to have exceeded our funding goal, and all rewards will be sent out in the very near future. Its been a long time since 'This Broken Key', and it also feels like quite a while since we started working on the new record, "Lost Is Not Losing'...we can't wait to let it go free!


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Two years ago an email out of the blue brought us back onto a stage together for the first time in nearly 18 months.  It was great to be back!  There were new songs, so we decamped to La Chunky studios in Glasgow to record 11 new tracks.  These recorded tracks are in the bag, but we still need to finish the artwork, manufacture CDs, and let the world know it's out there, so we decided to launch our first Kickstarter Campaign.  Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, where we can offer the new album for pre-sale along with other limited edition merchandise such as artwork prints and house concerts.  It works on an all or nothing basis where if we fail to raise our requested funds, the project doesn't get funded.

The new album is titled 'Lost is not Losing' and we believe this our strongest and most vibrant collection of songs yet.  Recorded by Johnny Smillie, with mixing and mastering by Dejan Lapanja, there are fantastic performances by some our friends, who also happen to be some of the best musicians we've had the pleasure of sharing music with.  There are 4 part harmony vocals, double bass, drums, mandolin, harmonica and 'duelling' guitars, as well as songs performed only as a duo .   

This will be our third full length album in the 10 years of Doghouse Roses.  After we met and found very similar tastes in music we would sing songs for ourselves, which progressed to little shows, which progressed to writing our own songs and here we are.  We've been very lucky to be encouraged all the way by people we've known through the band, many of whom we are very proud to now call friends.

We plan to release the record in November 2016.  Artwork will be by the fantastic James Morrison at Whisky and Milk, and the CD version will be presented in 6 panel CD digipak.

Pre-orders of the new record are now available via Kickstarter, and were very excited to get the record out there


'Lost Is Not Losing' cover artwork

The 'Pour EP' is a tour only 4 track CD that contains 3 tracks from the forthcoming albumin one outake.  It's available as part of a bundle with pre-orders of the new album or at gigs up until November.   

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Next Up

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Well that was great fun...a week of gigs with Joseph Parsons and Freddi Lubitz.  I think we'll certainly be doing that again, hopefully soon.  Thanks to everybody who came along.

Next shows for us are Opening for Television in Glasgow on the 8th of June, and in Manchester on the 10th.  Very much looking forward to these, but before then we will hopefully have more news on the new album release date.  To be continued.... 


April Tour

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Really looking forward to the April shows with Joseph Parsons and Freddie Lubitz.  It'll be ours (and I think I can safely safe Joseph's and Freddie's) first time playing in's where we will be:

Wednesday 6th April - Dundee Acoustic Club, The Newport, 1 High Street, Newport on Tay, DD6 8AB.  More information from Dundee Acoustic Music Club

Thursday 7th April - The Voodoo Rooms, 19A, West Register Street, Edinburgh.  Tickets and info from Musicglue and Tickets Scotland

Friday 8th April - The Hug & Pint, 171 Great Western Road, Glasgow. Tickets and info from Musicglue and Tickets Scotland

Saturday 9th April - The Blue Lamp, Gallowgate, Aberdeen.  tickets and info fromMusicglue


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Getting' Ready

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Long overdue, I bought Stu Kidd's cracking new album 'Hotchpotch?' at the weekend.  I missed out on the limited edition cassette but the download was a fine consolation prize of awesome pop gems and incredible harmonies.  We've collaborated with Stuart a few times over the years on various projects, and Stuart was on drums for the Doghouse Roses at the album launch of 'This Broken Key' and our 2011 Celtic Connections gig supporting Raul Malo.  As we're making plans to release our third Album 'Lost is not Losing' in the spring, I got to thinking about the people we've had in the band over the years.  For the band gigs at the end of 2010 and start of 2011, alongside  Stuart, we had Brian MacEwan of St.Deluxe on bass, Alan Scobie of Skerryvore on keys, and Jen Cunnion of the Dirt on harmony vocals.  A version of the band through 2008/9 had Malcolm Lindsay on guitar and fiddle player Sharon Hassan, while other musicians that have played on recordings include drummer Fraser West of Skerryvore, and cellist Robert Irvine.

So that brings us pretty neatly around to the new album, our first one with John Alexander, and the first in 5 years.  Here's a little taster of one of the band tracks, and features Biff, Craig and Steph of a New International, Jo from 'Colour of Whisky' and Dejan Lapanja...hope you like it:
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Faith Fuzz

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I'm (Paul) getting ready to release my album 'Cold Weather Music' initially on limited edition vinyl and download.  One of the songs "valve Oil' has just been used on an advert for Faith Fuzz Beard oil.  Check it out:  

Faith Fuzz X Kelvingrove Cafe from Destrukt Studio on Vimeo.

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John renbourn

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John Renbourn, the virtuoso guitarist and songwriter died on the 26th of March aged 70.  There's been plenty written in well deserved tribute to the man and we can't add much to all the tributes and accolades except to say that without people like John Renbourn the world would be a much less colourful place.  I had the privilege to meet John, briefly, a couple of times and on both occasions he had very kind and encouraging words for a fledging guitarist who had (still has!) a long way to go.  I saw JR play in Aberdeen folk club around 1996/7 (it gets hazey) and someone involved with the club told him that I'd played Davy Graham's instrumental Angie at a gig the night before.  He said 'well done - someone's got to keep it going when were all gone'.  I don't think he has to worry about that.  For me, John Renbourn picked acoustic guitar playing up by the scruff of the neck and put a new marker down for what was possible, and you would never mistake his playing for anyone else.  In doing so he's inspired legions of guitarists, many of whom may not even know the musical debt they owe.
The last few year has seen three of our musical heroes join to great jam in the sky... Thanks for it all John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Jackie Leven.

It's now nearly a month since John Renbourn's passing and although it might seem the moment has somewhat passed, I just wanted to write something to one of my main inspirations.  It's a beautiful spring evening in Glasgow, and I think all three above would approve of the small libation i'll have to them tonight.   

Cold Weather Music part 2

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A productive couple of months in the studio have been had by all.  In November myself and Iona  entered La Chunky studios in Glasgow to make a start to what will be our 3rd full studio album t be released next year.  It will feature about half duo tracks and half band tracks courtesy of' A New International's Craig Laurie on drums, and Steph McGourty on bass.  

We plan to be out playing again in early March starting on March the 4th in Berlin, with full tour dates to follow on the very near future.


And like buses, 2 albums come at one.  Paul's instrumental album is now complete featuring contributions from Dejan Lapanja (guitar, mixing and mastering), Jo Shaw, flute, Thomas Marsden, peddle steel and weissborn guitars, Corran Macarthur on cello and Luigi Pasquini on percussion.  There's no release date set just now, but tracks will be in the setlist at forthcoming Doghouse Roses gigs.  You can also hear the record on Pauls' Soundcloud page  

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Cold Weather Music

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Since Christmas Eve last year, I've (Paul) been working on a record of guitar instrumentals.  At 8am on the 24th of December I started the sessions at Green Door studio in the Hidden Lane, Glasgow, with the original idea to make a solo acoustic guitar record.  As things progressed the guitar thing is still central to most of the tracks (the exceptions being the banjo tunes) but the record also boasts the talents of Jo Shaw on flute, Corran Macarthur on cello, Luigi Pasquini on percussion and, from September the 15th onwards when we record the final track, Dejan Lapanja on guitar.  

The current tracklisting (always subject to change!) is:

1. Rising; 2. Husker's Theme; 3. Sky Train; 4. Valve Oil; 5. Untitled Banjo; 6. Ne'er Day; 7. Untitled Guitar.

I need to think of better names than untitled banjo and untitled guitar, but they'll come.  In the meantime here's a video of a live performance of Sky Train.  This was shot on a very cold March day in Alan Blair's studio in the Hidden Lane, by James Morrison, and edited by Rico Chapman. Hope you like it

PaulTaskerSkyTrain-HD from Paul Tasker on Vimeo.

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Bert Jansch

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It's being sadly reported that legendary guitarist Bert Jansch has passed away after an longterm illness.  Bert Jansch's career took in 5 decades and over 20 albums, and he provided inspiration for many musicians of all genres, including me (Paul).  I think its safe to say that if I hadn't seen Bert Jansch play in 1996 I would never have written a song and certainly wouldnt have tried to find my own voice.  Among many very fine songwriters to come out of the folk revival in the late 60's, Bert Jansch is virtually alone in being respected by metallers, jazzers, country players and the rest.  Although he was put into the folk bracket, much of his music, particularly his instrumentals, defy categorisation (check out Chambertin from LA turnaround for example), and along with the music he's left, his legacy will also be remembered in that his art came first...before fame, before money and before any compromise. 

In early 1995, my Brother and I had found a copy of Bert Jansch's second album, "It Don't Bother Me"  This was a new sound for us, raised on Led Zepplin and AC/DC records and we thought it was really wierd someone recording a purely acoustic album ( electric guitars).  As this was pre-internet days for us, we knew nothing about the album or Bert Jansch until we saw an advert for a show in March 1996 at the Press Club on St.Vincent street in Glasgow.  We were used to going to venues like the Barrowlands so a place like this was new and we arrived so early that the barman was just opening up.....we were on our second pint when Bert Janch and Bobby Barton, (who opening the show, and played slide guitar on some of Bert's songs that night) came in and played pool.  We were also the last people out and carried some of their gear down the stairs for them.  I bought and got signed Bert Jansch's current album of the time "When the Circus Comes to Town" which is still one of my favourite records, and without getting all misty eyed, that show changed my life.  I have bootleg CD of that concert but have never listened to it, as I like the way in plays in my head just fine......So thanks for the music Bert, and I hope you enjoy the all star jam session in the sky


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